Security at your Fingertips - A dive into Marshmallow’s new fingerprint and keystore APIs.

Android Architecture
06/17/2016 - 16:45 to 17:30
Stage 1

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Android Marshmallow has introduced a lot of fresh features and the new permission system is by far not the only new security enhancement. Most of you already use their finger to unlock the smartphone and may have heard about this new fingerprint API - but have you ever played with it? And once we’re there: Do you know about the newly introduced improvements in the keystore API? No? Then this talk is definitely for you! 

Still hesitating? Just remember that security and a good user experience is something we cannot know enough about. With just a few simple steps you can learn how to increase the security of your app, making authentication easier and your users happier - all at once. 
And to be honest: in the end that’s all we want, right?

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