Contextual communications and why you should care.

Design / UI/UX
06/17/2016 - 13:00 to 13:45
Stage 2

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Communication is the key to everything. From the time you wake up and press a button on your coffee-machine to tell it to make you a coffee, to when you talk to your other half to make plans for a night out, a trip or your own wedding.

Imagine a world where each time when you wanted to do your grocery shopping, you first had to stop at the bank to make sure the funds were clear. Or whenever you wanted to drive from home to work you had to first stop at a petrol station to check whether your car had enough petrol to make the journey.

In this talk I will show you some common scenarios where we currently immerse our users in a completely different experience making them leave our apps behind without even realising it.

We then go on to building a sample application and delve into how to code a solution that would give users a much better experience using voip, messaging and video.

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