Bluetooth LE - Building Block of the Internet of Things

Internet of Things
06/17/2016 - 12:30 to 13:00
Stage 4

Session abstract: 

Bluetooth LE (BLE) changed the way devices interact with each other in a significant way. It is not only battery-conserving, it also breaks down platform limitations that were introduced by Apple and its Made for iOS program to the Bluetooth Standard that forced manufacturers to build products for Apple’s platforms and for other platforms separately. Being an optional extension of the Bluetooth 4.x standard, it’s available to millions of smartphone users worldwide on both Android and iOS and is used to communicate with fitness trackers, medical devices, beacons and small sensor devices. But besides these features the BLE standard describes a tremendous amount of profiles allowing for standardized communication between different platforms (both hardware- and software-wise). In contrast to earlier Bluetooth profiles that could easily cost more than 1000 US-$ just to get all the standard documents needed for their implementation, these profiles are available for free, allowing independent developers and small companies to use them. 

This talk explains how BLE differs from more stream-oriented protocols and how these profiles can be used to connect to various devices in a standardized way. While giving short examples on how to implement these profiles on Android, the focus is more on enabling the audience to dig into the profile descriptions on their own and be able to implement them in their own projects. 

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