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Best Practices / Code Quality
06/16/2016 - 16:45 to 17:30
Stage 1

Session abstract: 

The paper metaphor, bright colors and print like typography are what make Material design beautiful. What really lets it shine though is movement!

While it’s not hard to animate single Android ui components, it becomes harder when these components and their animations shall depend on each other. With CoordinatorLayout the official Android Design Support Library provides a powerful, top-level ui component to make these highly dynamic dependencies easily manageable.

The first part of this session wants to cover what’s possible out of the box using CoordinatorLayout together with some other widgets and latest additions of the Design Support Library.

The second half then aims to provide deeper insights of how CoordinatorLayout actually works. The talk will explain the basic concepts it is build on as well as its apis that developers can use to build their own ui behaviors.

After the talk you will be able to define complex dependencies between your ui components and make your app shine without losing your mind in animation listener hell.

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