Android TV: Building apps with Google’s Leanback library

06/16/2016 - 16:00 to 16:45
Stage 4

Session abstract: 

Android TV is a growing platform which provides some great oppourtunities for developers to craft exciting applications users can enjoy from the comfort of their armchairs. However, documentation for the platform is sparse - so in this session we'll be looking at how we can create Android TV apps with the help of Google's leanback library, with the aim to educatte both developers AND designers on what is possible both out-of-the box and with our own crafting!

After a brief introduction to the TV platform and an open-source Vine TV app I've built (Vineyard), we'll move straight into how you can begin building applications for yourself using the leanback library and the different components that it provides - ensuring that you're following best practices along the way. We'll take a look at the different components that are provided by the framework and how you can craft custom components of your own to enhance your applications UX. 

Seeing as Android TV applications are completely testable, we'll also take a bried look at how this can be done to ensure your app functions as expected!

Session Audio: