Android industrial: Real-time data visualization

Android Architecture
06/17/2016 - 11:00 to 11:45

Session abstract: 

Join our journey! We are sharing our hands-on experience of building an industrial device based on a customized Android platform with you.
This talk is targeting system architects, software architects and software engineers having a distinct sense for performance-aware programming on Android.

  • Create your own hardware platform
  • Customize the Android BSP
  • Key concepts of application architecture

A traditional programming approach quickly reached its performance limit when processing sensor data with a high sampling frequency. How can we avoid frequent garbage collections? How can we offload as much as possible from the UI thread?
The key concepts of the chosen application architecture will be discussed in detail:

  • simple concurrency with actor model
  • data flow & event driven design
  • performance aware programming on low-end hardware
  • lockless & heapless queue for single producer / single consumer
  • real-time data visualization of sensors with 200Hz sampling rate

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